Shoulder Instability

Shoulder Instability 364 200 Dr Paul Annett

It was disappointing to hear that Kurt Gidley had succumbed to an unstable shoulder, sustaining a second dislocation of his shoulder this season. His shoulder had been unstable last season…

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AC Joint Injury

AC Joint Injury 364 200 Dr Paul Annett

I see Josh Dugan of the Canberra Raiders has succumbed to an AC joint injury of his shoulder, reported as being grade 3 injury. The AC joint is formed between…

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Frozen Shoulder

Frozen Shoulder 364 200 Dr Paul Annett

Slides from presentation: Frozen Shoulder Presentation Slides More information on: Frozen Shoulder

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Injections In The Shoulder

Injections In The Shoulder 364 200 Dr Paul Annett

This powerpoint presentation outlines the indications and methods for cortisone injections in the shoulder   ShoulderInjection

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