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The Sports Doctor 364 200 Dr Paul Annett

Welcome to the Sports Doctor column.

With the winter upon us we will be starting to see a steady stream of injuries in the various football codes. As usual they will dominate the press as the fans sweat on the availability of their star players. The health and fitness of a ‘marquee’ player like a Jarrod Hayne at Parramatta or Buddy Franklin at Hawthorn can change a team from a quality contender to a struggling side. These so called ‘game-breakers’ may be the difference between winning and losing, so their presence in the side is paramount. When a team starts a season in losing form it can be hard to turn around confidence in the group and the season may be over before it begins.

Through this column I will be discussing various injuries as they come up in the press, and what implications they may have for the player and getting them back to health. This will be seen through the eyes of a Sports Physician who has managed the return of players at the highest level. Hopefully I can provide some insight into the world of elite sport and the injured athlete. I will also endeavour to look at controversial issues that may presents in the world of sports medicine.

I hope you will find this column both entertaining and informative.

Paul Annett

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